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Demo of Ontech Control

Click here to test the control panel.


In your house or cottage
In the boat
Remote control air pump heater and air conditioner
Alarm, control and monitor
Industrial use


Ontech Control


Ontech Relay 9015
Ontech IR 9016
Ontech alarm box 9012
Ontech PIR 9011
Temp.sensor 2 meter
Backup battery
Troubleshooting & FAQ
How it works
How it works
In your house or cottage
In the boat
Remote control air pump heater and air conditioner
Alarm, control and monitor
Industrial use
Ontech Control
Ontech Relay 9015
Ontech IR 9016
Ontech alarm box 9012
Ontech PIR 9011
Temp.sensor 2 meter
Backup battery

Ontech SMS communication and the app Ontech SMS

Ontech Control is used to control Ontech GSM 9040, but it can also be controlled with SMS and apps for Android and Iphone. The user then must buy a SIM card from an operator and charges it and installs it in the device.

This was the communication that older Ontech GSM devices used for communication. Ontech GSM 9025 and Ontech GSM 9035 can be updated for use with Ontech Control. See more here.

The manuals for the different products describe all SMS commands. You can also load a list of all commands here: Lista över SMS-kommandon.

App for Android

The Android app works with SMS in the background and presents the information graphically.

Download the app to your phone at Google Play

Download Manual för App för Android.

  •  In the Android app, traffic is managed by SMS completely in the background. Up to 20 different main devices in the Ontech GSM system can be controlled from the same app.
  • When you give the device a command via the app, an SMS is generated in the background and sent to the device that executes the command.
  • If you have requested UPDATE, the device will, after executed command, send a status SMS to the device that is automatically loaded into the App that presents the information graphically.
  • Programming of functions and alarm list takes place smoothly with the App. A code is generated that is sent to the device that reads it into the permanent memory, and then starts the device that reads the settings in the processor. Even if the power disappears completely and the backup battery runs out, settings will remain.

App for Iphone

Download the app to your phone at Appstore.

Download Manual app för Iphone.

  • In the app for iPhone, the code for SMS is created. However, these are not sent in the background, but the user must actively confirm that an SMS can be sent manually.
  • Also, the app can not read an SMS when it comes from the device. However, there is a help in interpreting the SMS built into the app.
  • Programming of alarms and functions occurs when the app opens a page in Safari, where you create a code to be copied and sent in a text message to the device.
  • The reason for the big difference compared to the Android app is that our developers are restricted by Apple’s rules, which does not allow third-party developers to write and read SMS automatically.

Other smartphones

  • Programming from other phones is done by opening the page in the phone’s browser www.ontechgsm.com/set.html.
  • There you fill in each tab in the settings you want to make and generate a code. The code must be copied and placed in a text message sent to the device.
  • After each sent SMS with code, the device returns a confirmation that the programming has been successful.

Discover a  new way of communicating with Ontech GSM devices – via the internet for GSM. The technology is called GPRS and we call our new control panel Ontech Control.


The traditional method of communicating with Ontech GSM devices has been with SMS and related apps for Android and Iphone. The apps use SMS to communicate with the devices, which is difficult. With our launch of Ontech Control, just a few clicks are required to get started and gain full control over your Ontech GSM devices.
Create an account on the plus button at the top of the page. You will always receive the first month of usage for free.
Test the demo first to get an idea of how it all works.


Easy to use

Logga in på kontrollpanelen och slå på eller av dina reläer med ett klick. Gör dina inställningar och få översikt över larm. Du behöver aldrig mer skicka ett SMS.


Log in to the control panel and turn on or off your relays with one click. Make your settings and get an overview of the alarm. You never need to send an SMS anymore.

Mobile network independent

Is the cottage in areas with low coverage? No problem. When using Ontech Control and our SIM card, the GSM mast currently used is the one with the strongest signal – independent of network operator.

Fixed price

.Forget prepaid cards! Ontech Control has a fixed price of approx. SEK18 (Euro 1,8)  / month, and always gives you the updated status of your devices. You will receive reminders when it’s time to renew your subscription.

 Better overview

Gather all your main devices, additional relays and alarms in the same control panel. Categorize and customize the devices according to where they are installed.

More functions

Ontech Control lets you do more things with your Ontech GSM devices than before. And we are constantly updating with more features.


How does it works? Is it difficult?

  • No, it is not. You register an account at www.ontechgsm.com with name and email address and an activation link will appear on the email.
  • Ontech’s SIM card is inserted into the device, the device is connected to the wall socket and the last five digits of the SIM card are written on the account page. Ready!

Does it works on all platforms?

  • Yes, all types of devices (mobile, tablet, computer), all types of operating systems and all types of browsers can be used.
  • On an Iphone or Ipad, log in via Safari and then select “Add to Home Screen.” Then you get an app-like feature.
  • In an Android device, you save a shortcut on the home screen to get an app-like feature.

Is it expensive?

  • No. The SIM card is free and the first month is free to give you a chance to try. Then it costs approx. SEK 18 per month including all fees. If you want to have an SMS message in addition to an alarm e-mail, these costs are approximately SEK 1.80 kr / each.
  • The first free month starts from the time the SIM card is registered for the first time.

Fungerar det med alla Ontech-enheter? Även äldre?Does it works with all Ontech models? Even older ones?

  • All Ontech GSM 9040 and new Ontech GSM 9025 are prepared and can immediately start using Ontech Control.
  • For all older Ontech GSM 9025 and Ontech GSM 9035 it is possible to update the firmware in order to be used with Ontech Control. Contact support@ontechgsm.com.