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      • Connect a radiator (electric radiator or heater fan) to the Ontech GSM 9040 to control the heat in the room.
      • Connect up to seven wireless Ontech Relay 9015 extra relays s and control the heat individually in many room via controllable 230V outputs.
      • Use the thermostat function to automatically keep the heat at a certain level in the rooms or the entire cabin. Connect the Ontech GSM 9040 to control a contactor in the power supply and control the heat throughout the cabin.
      • With the Ontech IR 9016 accessory, move the air heat pump remote control to your phone / tablet / computer.


    Other applications

    • The 230V output can connect any type of electrical control up to 230V / 16A. This may be servers, routers, pumps, ventilation, motors etc.
    • A special feature for using the device to open ports by command or simple dial from telephone available. This causes the remote control to open the garage door becomes redundant. It has moved into the mobile phone.
    • The 230V output can be set with timer function so it turns on or off after the set time..


      • Connect different types of alarms to the two alarm inputs of the Ontech GSM 9040. The alarm inputs can be set to alert when the circuit  closes or opens.
      • All alarms with relay output can be connected, such as motion detectors (PIR), fire alarms, magnetic switches, level guards, pedal mats etc.
      • Alarm transmitters which close or opens  voltage 3-30V in case of alarm can also be connected
      • Connect the Ontech Relay 9015 Wireless Ontech Relay 9015 and Ontech Alarmbox 9012 to the alarm transmitter and send the signal wirelessly to the Ontech GSM 9040. There is no need for long cabling.
      • The alarm inputs can be set with delay.



    • Ontech GSM 9040 reports the current temperature. The Ontech Control control panel automatically updates  so you can see the current temperature at all times.
    • An external temperature sensor with 2 meter cable  can be connected and then the temperature is reported for both the internal temperature sensor and the external.
    • Temperature alarm can be set as alarm when the temperature is below and / or exceeds the alarm limits set by the users.


    Operating the device

    • The device is controlled with the Ontech Control web panel. This is by far the easiest and easiest way to control and communicate with Ontech GSM 9040. More information here. SIM card for this is included and the first month free of charge.
        • The device can also be controlled by SMS or with an app that uses SMS. A SIM card is required. All GSM operators work but not clean 3G providers such as the operator Tre, Hallon.se or Wifog. With apps for Android and Iphone, the use can be simplified by SMS control.

    Main power monitoring

    • Ontech GSM 9025 has built-in backup battery that is enough to keep the device alive 10-20 hours. Useful when the device is used as an power fail alarm.
    • The device alerts to all names in the alarm list when a power failure occurs and announces when power is returned.


      • There is a setting that allows the 230V output to turn on or off at alarm.
      • It is possible to measure current 4-20 mA or voltage 0-10 V and get the values reported.
      • You can also set alarms when limit values are exceeded or lowered. The device alerts via email. Optionally, SMS can be requested for alarm.